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Found 1 result

  1. Opy

    Flight Sims

    While I'm off work, I'm managing to get a fair bit of flight time in DCS World's A10-C. Still so much to learn. I've actually forgotten the start up procedure, it's complex enough that it is easily forgotten if not performed often enough. Tried Falcon 4.0 BMS last week. Setup was taking more time than I had patience but it seems to be a good simulator. Lockheed's Prepar3D is fantastic too, but I'm not forking out $1200 or so for the combat version. As everything needs so much learning, I'll try to stick to the A10-C. It helps that I have replica HOTAS controls and the F-16 MFD panels work well too I n my current setup, only the MFDs are on the bottom screen. Haven't setup Helios for ages. Just now, I was flying a mission and got peppered by a 23mm AAA that knocked out most of my systems. So I decided to fly to a base for repairs. On approach, I asked for permission to land. They granted it but asked me to check landing gear. My gear was down and I have no warnings so I went to an external view and discovered I only had 1 wheel and it had a screwed up tyre. Not good. Jettisoned my munitions to lighten the load and approached the runway. I have nothing to tell me airspeed on the HUD. As I write this I realise I have an analogue dial that was probably still working, woops. Things looked too fast, so I went full throttle and pulled up and lowered flaps. Too damaged though. I got past the runway but couldn't gain altitude so I crashed into somebody's living room. Caught the end of a Seinfeld episode while I was there. Does anybody else still play flight sims outside of the likes of WarThunder and BF2?