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Found 1 result

  1. atosniper

    Rise of the Robots

    What do you guys think about AI development in the near future, and pronouncements that 'the robots will take all our jobs'? There seems to be alot of noise about this recently. The title of this thread, for example, is stolen from a book of the same name published recently. It outlines how AI will transform the world in the next decade or so. That until now transformations have not led to massive unemployment, for example, farm work -> industrial work -> service work. However, the position seems to be that AI will become so powerful that humans simply wont be able to compete. There are ideas that the rich will effectively pay for most of us to receive a minimum income to live on. Those smart enough, or lucky enough could find work. I personally doubt the rich would be so willing to part with their money in such a way though. There is no such precedent in human history. Thinking about employment too; there are plenty of people of average or less than average intelligence. That might not be very nice to say, but the brutal truth is that it is true. Human intelligence has not seen any large increase at all for an extremely long time. Our brains are basically still the same ones we evolved to deal with mammoths and sabre toothed tigers. So how could humans possibly compete with AI, assuming it continues to rapidly evolve its intelligence. Self driving cars: they seem to have come a very long way in a short period of time. If they become ubiquitous, what happens to the large number of people employed in the transport sector? Some people answer: retraining. The problem is this is a solution that takes a great deal of time, money, resources etc. What if these people arent smart enough for the sectors open to them? It's rather disingenuous to tell a truck driver at the age of 40 to go learn high level maths and coding. And what if the AI takes those jobs shortly after... Are we destined for human/machine interface? Computers plugged into the brain (or some body part/s) to see some kind of meld between humans and AI? I find it hard to see how this can end well for the average joe... What do you think?