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Found 1 result

  1. Hey all, I have a Video file ~ 500MB = 8 minutes duration in .MTS format. The sound has recorded two instructors feedback as they watched my last grading, as well as all the noise from both our gradings and a badminton championship that was really noisy. Can folk recommend the ideal software and processing to lift and boost human voice and diminishing all other (dynamic and variable sounds)? I have tried a trial of Adobe 2014 Audition (as I already have Adobe CS4 Premiere and CS4 Sound booth - never used either before). Audition has advanced functions to remove voices - but not the exact opposite - keep voices and diminish everything else. It does have an improve voices - but it only marginally helps. I can hear my Instructors say Matt is doing really well there - he needs to - then its all to faint amongst the background cacophony of noise. I am going through online tutorials at present to see how you do basic sound scrubbing effects. A google search reveals over 25 products to try and improve audio! http://www.hongkiat.com/blog/25-free-digital-audio-editors/ If anyone has specialised skills in this sort of sound scrubbing or editing - or knows of a service that does this - love to hear your advice! Many thanks, Matthew