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Found 4 results

  1. So recently, I've developed a problem where, more often then not, when I wake my Win 7, 64-bit PC out of sleep (note: not hibernation, my desktop doesn't have this feature), the machine doesn't wake properly into it's pre-sleep state, but rather stalls for a second, then reboots. Obviously, it's crashing upon waking up, but the trouble is, I can't seem to get a clue as to what's causing it. I have software called "WhoCrashed", which is normally pretty good at sniffing out OS-crash causes, by examining the logs in C:Windows\Minidump and C:\Windows\memory.dmp except in these recent cases, whatever is causing the crash isn't leaving any logs behind. At least, none that I can find. There are also no recent entries in my general program crash dump folder. Any idea on how I can track what's going on?
  2. As title states im looking for a easy to use dos emulator to run dos applications in, We currently have a windows 95 pc setup for it but this is becoming outdated and not being able to use USB's on the machine is a pain. Can anyone make some suggestions on programs?
  3. Hi I have a dual boot system with Windows 10 and Opensuse Leap 42.1 Linux on separate hard drives. I was hoping to play some of my old games in wine, but I'm not having much luck to be honest. My new plan is to pull out an old copy of Windows 7 i have stashed away that I never used (some of my old games don't work in windows 10 64bit). I don't want to go though the hassle of reinstalling windows 10 and linux, so I thought maybe I could unplug both my hard drives and add a third hard drive, install Windows 7 on it, plug my hard drives back in and just boot off the third drive when I want windows 7. Would this work? Is there a better option? Thanks. ps. both my current hard drives have gpt volumes.
  4. Camsie

    File & Printer Sharing Questions

    Is there a way to share a folder on Windows 10 so that anybody can fully access it (i.e. unrestricted access to reading or editing it's contents), without being asked to provide any login details? I believe that somewhere embedded in the settings is a way to disable password protection on sharing, but what I really want to do is to have one folder that is completely unrestricted, while still being able to have other folders that are only available to certain users. I find that everytime I browse my network from another computer, when I click on the icon for my Windows 10 computer, I am immediately prompted to enter a username and password. Ideally, I would love to push back this login requirement until somebody actually tries to access a folder that is protected. But if this can't be done, I'd love to configure my PC so that it will grant the user access to this one particular "all access" folder regardless of what anybody types into the login screen. If this can't be done in the traditional file sharing manner, is there a way to make this folder appear on my network as a network drive? Also, does anyone know if there is a log made in Windows 7 of attempts by outside computers to try to access shared contents, and if so how this log can be accessed? I'm unable to browse my Windows 7 PC from my Windows 10 PC and I want to see what awareness and reactions, if any, the Windows 7 OS has had to my attempts to access it from the other PC.