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Found 3 results

  1. My PC's developed an annoying little tic where it doesn't automatically assign a drive letter to USB drives (both HDD and flash) that I plug into it, forcing me to assign a letter manually via Computer Management. Problem doesn't seem to occur that much with drives that I plug in on a regular basis, but new drives and rarely-used drives don't get assigned a letter. Once I've manually assigned a letter, though, the drives all behave normally. Any idea how I can fix this? Windows 7 64-bit.
  2. Hi there guys, Currently in negotiations with my boss to get some new equipment to replace our old IBM lenovo laptops. We are looking for something similar to the Gigabyte S1080 in spec maybe a quad core instead of a dual core and would much prefer a up gradable 2.5inch hdd/ssd. Must be able to run Windows 7 preferably otherwise Windows 10. Must have USB, Ethernet, and SD card slot, Also sim card slot preferred. Must also have Bluetooth A serial port would be a massive bonus but not needed as long as we have USB ports. Hoping for something under $1000 mark so that we could potentially buy 2 or 3. We would mainly be running serial monitor apps and adobe reader. possible Microsoft office- Word excel and outlook. Would be great if someone had some recommendations or experiences with anything related. Currently looking at the Microsoft Surface 3.
  3. Nich...


    I snuck in a few days ago and picked up the 4-pack to split with some friends, because apparently saving $5 is all it takes for me to give up on waiting for it to go on sale The intro sort of gives you a chance to try each character class as you descend into the 'gauntlet', and then you get to pick what you want to play and difficulty level and etc. I don't know why because I barely remember anything from the original arcade game, but I vaguely remember playing the wizard, so picked it first up for the new game. Maybe a mistake? I like that you have permutations and combinations of three elements (via three keys) to fill up two slots to form spells, but, er, I just can't remember half of them in time to use them. Gameplay seems about what you'd expect - hoping to get some multiplayer in after to see if it scales in difficulty any. As a heads-up: i5-750, 16GB of RAM and a HD5850 and a few times the game slowed down to 15fps, so I had to turn shadows off to help out. Not entirely sure if the issue is just playing in a window, but shrug.