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Found 1 result

  1. Splash1

    Should I still instal Windows 7

    Hi Guys, It's been a while since I last posted a question, and that being: "Windows 7 Updates. How large a file too Download?" , and I haven't progressed much from there for a whole host of reasons ! So I still have a Windows 7 Ultimate Sp1 disc in hand and would like to know if its still going to be straight forward for me to install ! Having just read this artical > "Sticking with Windows 7? Make sure you do these 5 things first" , has given me some incite and confidence to success. However, I still have concern having just read some recent horror story's regarding people installing Win7 for the first time and their updates letting them down. Then, although various solutions have been posted on line, the fingers been pointed with various hints of conspiracy at Microsoft trying to slow down updates so everyone rolls over to Windows10. You have probably heard the stories among others. So putting conspiracies aside, should I be good to go for a successful install and updates? Has anyone recently installed and encountered any problems? My installation disk is genuine, just hasn't been used yet. :(