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Found 2 results

  1. Hey Guys, We here at Gigabyte/ Aorus are excited to be bringing you the newest flagship card from our line-up: The Aorus GTX1080ti Xtreme Edition Featuring our patented stack fan cooler, the Aorus GTX1080ti Xtreme Edition ensures that the entire PCB is cooled, with no space on the card left uncovered. With our Gigabyte Ultra Durable guarantee and our aerospace grade PCB coating, your card is made to last. Powered by the amazingly powerful pascal architecture from Nvidia, the Aorus GTX1080ti Xtreme Edition brings unprecedented performance without compromises, and also featuring full RGB customisability on all sides of the card (Backplate Aorus logo, Aorus logo on the side, and RGB X on the cooler). In addition to the 3 fan cooling solution, the Aorus GTX1080ti Xtreme Edition also comes with a copper backplate that helps to dissipate heat from the rear of the GPU, utilizing extra surface area through grooved fins on the copper backplate. This leads to lower fan speeds at the same operating temperature, or lower temperatures at the same fan speeds, increasing overall performance! In addition, we are proud to have an Xtremely comprehensive I/O on the card, including upto 3 HDMI displays (With one extra HDMI port at the front of the card), 3 DP displays, and still including one DVI-D output. And featuring 4 years of warranty when registered at the AORUS website, you can rest easy knowing your card is covered. We hope you're as excited as we are for this new top-of-the-line graphics card
  2. Hi, I was hoping that i might be able to get some advice. I know enough to be dangerous when it comes to building computers, but i'm realistic and not 100% in all my decisions. I am building a gaming machine, more for my son than for me, I'll use the computer for some photoshop/after affects and some video editing. What i am wondering is which graphics card will be a good all rounder, but leans towards games, old and new. I am looking at about $500 or less would be preferred. Here are the specs so far. ASRock Z170 Pro4/D3 LGA1151 ATX Motherboard Intel Core i5 6500 Quad Core LGA 1151 3.2 GHz CPU Processor Antec GX900 Punisher ATX Gaming Mid-Tower Case 8 gig ripjaws 12800cl Samsung 250g ssd 1tb HD I was tossing up between AMDs rx 480 or the r9 fury which seems to be a pretty good performer for the price but older tech or the r9 390 Do you think I would notice the difference in games between these cards?? Also, is there much difference between brands? Cheers,