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Found 3 results

  1. Hi I have a dual boot system with Windows 10 and Opensuse Leap 42.1 Linux on separate hard drives. I was hoping to play some of my old games in wine, but I'm not having much luck to be honest. My new plan is to pull out an old copy of Windows 7 i have stashed away that I never used (some of my old games don't work in windows 10 64bit). I don't want to go though the hassle of reinstalling windows 10 and linux, so I thought maybe I could unplug both my hard drives and add a third hard drive, install Windows 7 on it, plug my hard drives back in and just boot off the third drive when I want windows 7. Would this work? Is there a better option? Thanks. ps. both my current hard drives have gpt volumes.
  2. I have a problem. If have a dual boot system with windows and opensuse leap 42.1. I know you can set up an image of your hard drive and set up windows pe to boot off a usb flash drive and copy your whole windows partition (including your mbr, partition table and boot record). Is there a way of imaging both my windows partition and my linux partition (including mbr, partition table, boot records and grub2), booting off a flash drive and restoring my dual boot so both partitions are both exactly the way they were when I last backed them up and I can still boot into either os?
  3. Hi everybody, I have read somewhere (can't remember where) that you shouldn't re partition ur ssd into multiple partitions. Does anyone know if this is true? The reason I ask is I want to have a dual boot system with opensuse linux and windows and I don't want to use a virtual machine. I also don't want to mess around with my uefi. I want both o/ses to boot of the ssd. cheers.