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Found 3 results

  1. Roscosity

    Watercooled GTX980ti

    Gigabyte just launched its new Watercooled GTX980ti, bringing a fully enclosed PCB, allowing for the VRAM to be cooled with water as well. The Watercooled 980ti looks to be one of the most powerful single VGAs on the market now, what do you guys think of Watercooled PCBs? Video Review of the Watercooled GTX980ti Specifications: Core clock of 1216MHz boost to 1317MHz 384 bit Mem Bus 6GB of VRAM Features: PCB Coating to promote durability and lifespan RGB LED Illumination
  2. Gigabyte just launched its new edition of the 900 series from Nvidia, with superior cooling and base clock rates without an increase in power requirements, the new graphics cards from Gigabyte look set to be the high-end graphics cards for those who want the most out of their gaming rigs. What're your thoughts and opinions of the new series? Link for more info: http://www.gigabyte.com/press-center/news-page.aspx?nid=1405
  3. Thinking the RMA was going to take 4-6 Weeks... I prepared. 7970 from a friend who said 'sucked in' & to keep it & I'm using 1080p by the way. So Yep, I have a brand new replacement Gigabyte R9 290-OC 1040Mhz With RMA forms showing it's been replaced & Receipt stating original purchase date of original card and 4 Months of (Return ot store) Warranty left, but Gigabyte has a 3yr warranty still active. I have the Original Box, manual, paper bits in the box,.. everything but the Driver disc and the 4Pin Molex>PCIE adapters. So.. as they are still currently without a pricedrop on the new ones, being around $450 AUD, what would this be worth? (Has been put into my machine for testing purposes, which it passed with flying colors, that make it 'officially used'?) Would you personally, use a new pricing method or a near new pricing method?