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Found 3 results

  1. scruffy1

    gtx 760 overclock

    i had written a long rave about tweaking the video settings, but i fucked up a keystroke and deleted it all... i hate that long story short, i thought the elpida vram was crap in my giga gtx 760 (and most other situations), until i bumped my main ram's vdimm to help the ares handle the high clocks i demanded : 2133 with latencies at 10-12-12-31 - it's meant to do 2400 at 11-13-13-31, but rated to do it with 1.65v, and my marginally less speed (the highest the sandy is capable of comfortably doing) was at stock 1.5v, which i gently nudged to 1.54, the smallest increment the bios would allow previously gaming would crash the driver, but not bluescreen ... but occasionally black screen, and i thought the vram was the culprit, as keeping it almost stock was much less inclined to do so; rig specs below, and the impetus to overclock was the upgrade to u2515h from the previous u2410 which was pretty schmick at stock for the 760, but the move from 1920x1200 to 1440p is a major increase in required grunt i5-2500k 4.2ghz @1.225v / megahalems / gigabyte z77-d3h / samsung 850 evo msata 250 / 2x8gb G.Skill ares @ 2133 / asus xonar d2 + klipsch promedia ultra 2.0 + ath ad700 / Lian Li PC-A17B & corsair hx750i & noctua fans / gigabyte gtx760 oc windforce / dell u2515h wow, did i underestimate the elpida... it's clocking like samsung despite gpuz telling me it is eplida check out them numbers : https://www.techpowerup.com/gpuz/details/n8xmv the gpu is pretty much maxed, but the vram hasn't had any issue despite jumping ion increments of 50 - 100 to here, and i sorta just stopped because i doubt more bandwidth will actually add benefit at this stupidly big number i'm impressed... all this is at stock volts for the card, as i haven't managed to understand the possibility of using the guru software to add 8% volts "safely" to the card feel free to admire my e-peen; is there any great joy to be had in making vram even faster ? i know more on the core is good, but currently it boosts in gaming to measure just shy of 1400 ! and it does 1401 according to ungine heaven benchmark... beast !!
  2. Hi guys so i am still new to the overclock game and i am looking to overclock my cpu further im currently using the MSI over clock program which comes with the motherboard and i have been running stable 4.4Ghz up from 4 Ghz for the past 3 months with temps staying under 60 Degrees c. I am using Antec KUHLER AIO single radiator on the unit. What temperature range should i be keeping it under? What have other people clocked to while keeping it stable? What would be the recommended voltages to stay under and cpu ratios?
  3. slayme1974

    6300-FX Overclock

    Hi I have a nice easy one for you all. I have a socket am3+ 6300FX cpu with a stock cooler.1 I need to know if it is multiplier unlocked and also what the maximum vcore I should set is. 2 Is the stock cooler ok or should I buy a new HSF?