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Found 4 results

  1. The University of Sydney is running a 10-15 minute study for gamers of all ages examining the relationship between personality and video game use. You can also find out your gaming personality profile. https://sydneypsy.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_9WtE0LKWzw4yvBz WARNING: Some participants have found that the survey website doesn’t work with certain ad blockers. If you are having difficulty loading the survey page, please temporarily disable your ad blocker. There are no adverts displayed on the survey website.
  2. My understanding is that Wireless XBox 360 controllers can't be connected up to a PC (i.e. can't transmit their input) via a cable, they can only be used on PCs via wireless recievers? Is that correct? The USB cables I've seen around for wireless XBox 360 controllers are strictly for drawing power from the PC, if I understand correctly? Their mostly called "charging cables", but could I just use one to power a controller without batteries? Or do they litterally only funnel power into the batteries, without actually powering the circuitry of the controller itself?
  3. Ihsan

    Dark Souls 3

    Really? No thread yet? Are we all so busy with our jolly co-operation murder? I'm enjoying myself so far, they seem to of reverted a lot of the silly changes or bad programming decisions from 2 (Soul memory, parries tied to fps etc) though Bloodborne seems to of destroyed my parry timings. A few things have gone back to Demon Souls style and a few others have been changed to closer to Bloodborne. The lighting effects when running around with a pyro flame in dark areas is almost like the bullshot videos from 2. The layout of the maps seems a lot closer to Dark Souls 1 or Demons Souls so far even if progression seems a little linear zone wise, but I've gotta sidetracked in the undead setlement ganking people as a mad summon to know if it carries through.
  4. GhostWhoWalks

    Wasteland 2

    So, Wasteland 2, the direct sequel to Wasteland which was pretty much the template for the Fallout games... released last week. For those that aren't familiar Wasteland 2 was a fairly Kickstarter project by Brian Fargo. The original Creator. It's a classic post apoc CRPG with the classic fallout movement, grid structure and AP system for combat. You create your party of 4 Desert Rangers at the start, and are investigating the death of Ace. One of the original Desert Rangers from Wasteland 1. I've put about 10 hours in so far, and am very much enjoying it. It's difficult. Exciting. Entertaining. All the things a good game should be. There's a lot of lore and backstory to read through exposition in game dialogue. So playing WL1 wasn't necessary. Overall, I think it may be the best Kickstarted game I've played yet. Anyone else Kickstart it or purchase it retail? How has your experience been so far? I would have liked a bit more recorded dialogue, but I know that tends to be too expensive for smaller games. Beyond that, it's been great so far.