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Found 1 result

  1. Master_Scythe

    Injecting new blood

    So I had an idea; We've had it made quite clear that PCTA isn't fully embracing our forums as theirs, I still think they can, and should, but oh well. Right now, what's the draw to join up? Not a whole lot. Even random Australia related chatter has slowed down (something AUSTECH has on us in spades!) So I got to thinking, 'what can we offer?' and really, what we can offer, is a smaller community of extensive knowledge. How about a 'Members Projects' section? Now, I'm not usually one who thinks a 'new sub forum' will help, its breaking apart an already thin forum; but hear me out. What's our server space like? Does it have enough room to host significant photos? If so, one sure fire way to at least have people become aware of our existance is to link people back to the forum. Basically, I envision things like "Here is my arcade cabinet I'm building, this is a teaser picture, link and discussion below" then its hosted on Atomic. Sure, it wont be a magic cure all, but as someone (I think Fliptopia?) said, we're born out of the Beige Box computing era, when case mods were 'cool' people came here to see lights, cut windows, and overclocking. Now that that has become more mainstream, its no reason not to keep trying. We all do some pretty fun stuff in our spare time. I remember ZEBRA's storage discussion, as a great example. The old DVD writer tests too. That was full on. Right now we have g__day building a bloody ASTRONOMY room!!! probably pretty normal for the astro-nerds, but for me, the typical IT\car nerd? Thats out there! and damn cool! I mean, we have (sorry ive forgotten, was it CyberGlitch?) doing oldschool youtube game streaming and mods. Why not list "your official forum" here for discussion? Hulkster built a legit Man Cave recently, that was neat! and Dasa, I have no idea what he does, but every time someone posts a 'Build' thread, he shows up, shits on everyones ideas, eats them, poops out perfection, and dissapears into the night again. I'm sure he can contribute something to this idea. I'm not an idiot, I know its a long shot, and I dont expect the community to thrive overnight. I like to keep my fingers crossed, I'm always Mr Positive in situations like this, and if we all were a little more public, and put the effort into 'logging' our 'tech fun time' we could really have it going on! Obviously, our GODs would need to be OK with things like youtube chanels calling this their spiritual home, and we'd have to abide by our (pretty lax really) rules, but its a shame to see such knowledge going to waste. Anyone care to expand? Agree? Disagree? I still love my little world here, and the oldies that remain are priceless people in my lives and probably some of the first people I ever called 'friend' but it'd be a nice bonus to see some new life injected.