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Found 1 result

  1. Camsie

    At my wit's end with windbg

    I'm having some program crashes that are producing dmp files and I want to read these files to understand what's causing the problem. My research indicates that the go-to program for reading dmp files is windbg, which comes as part of a large package of Windows debugging tools. However, I've recently learned that this damn program doesn't come complete from Microsoft. First of all, it was whining to me about missing "symbol files" that for some reason didn't come in it's installer, requiring me to manually type in a website address where it's supposed to download these files (why this parameter wasn't configured by default, I have no idea. The software is worse then useless without it configured). Now it's whining about the fact that it can't find .natvis files in it's installation directory, which it aparrently needs to do it's job. (GRRRR!!!! D:<) Looking online, it seems that these files can be found somewhere on the C: drive on Windows 10, which does me bugger-all good as a Windows 7 user. Does anyone know where I can download these files (and any files they might depend on)? Preferably without having to also download a whole heap of other rubbish that I don't need? All I want to do is read dmp files to figure out what caused the crashes they document. As far as I'm concerned, this should be a pretty simple task that a lone exe file ought to be able to accomplish on it's own. But this simple task is becoming almost as complicated as filling out a damn tax form! :'''(