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The Bang for Buck Behemoth: <$2000 (IN PERTH)

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I've been trying to convince myself to purchase a new computer for a couple of months, yet i keep finding more reasons to hold off.

While i've been procrastinating i've been keeping an eye on the forums here, and reading different reviews. Yesterday i noticed the new article February PC Fabrication and the sub $2000 suggestion.


"February PC Fabrication!"

"The Bang for Buck Behemoth: <$2000

For those who desire performance without resorting to exuberant costs.


CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E8500 3.16GHz- $290

RAM: 4GB 1066MHz DDR2 RAM - $103

HDD: Western Digital 640GB - $105

Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P - $224

GPU: MSI 2GB HD4870x2 - $760

Optical Drive: Pioneer DVR-216BK 20x - $30

Case: Cooler Master HAF RC-932 - $217

PSU: Corsair HX520 - $157


Total: $ 1886 "


Over here in WA getting a hold of some of these parts looks like it may cost a bit more than $2000 and I'm going to need to purchase vista. I was looking at a couple of substitutes, and just want to check that the parts will all play nice together. I am planning on getting netplus in osborne park to build the computer unless austin or elsewhere can give me a better deal..


Netplus have 4gb ddr2 800 ram for $58 at the moment so i was looking at using that instead.


I was originally going to get an antec p182 because i really don't like the look of the HAF, but i was wondering whether it would be able to house all the parts and keep them cool enough?


As for the cpu, since i have been runnng auto GK to convert videos would i be better off going for a quad core (i.e Q8200)?


It appears netplus don't sell the Corsair HX520 PSU, so would i be better getting the HX 620?


" Corsair 450W VX-450 ATX Power Supply - 120mm Fan PCI-E, 6 SATA $99.00

Corsair 550W VX-550 ATX Power Supply - 120mm Fan, Dual PCI-E, 4 SATA $136.00

Corsair 620W HX-620 ATX Power Supply - 120mm Fan, Dual PCI-E. $169.00]

Corsair 650W TX-650 ATX Power Supply - 140mm Fan, 20+4 4X PCIE 8X SATA 8X HDD 2X FDD "


Probably the most important question is whether it is worth $800 to get a 4870x2 when i only have a LG W2252TQ 22inch monitor?


As a side note; do you have any idea why netplus has stopped selling samsung 640GB hard drives???


Hopefully my ramblings make sense to someone, and i'd appreciate any advice



Relative newbie

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the samsung drives could be in short supply due to Chinese new year.


I really dont like ati's drivers much so i would probably suggest a GTX260 instead, but then thats just me - a 4870 would be perfectly addequate there would be little point in getting a 4870x2 or gtx 280 or gtx 295. You are right the power will be overkill for your 22" the single gpu cards will handle most things in a 24" as well, so you have room there for a monitor upgrade in the future as well.


I would move to a quad if you do a lot of that kind of stuff, but I'm not sure if autoGK uses many cores or not. there is also the gaming difference to take into account, the e8500 runs at 3.16ghz but the q8200 runs at 2.33. this will make a bit of a difference in gaming.

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I'm guessing a 4870X2 likes to stretch its muscle around 1920x1200 resolution. Why not uprade as well to a 24" 16:9 1080p FullHD LCD? Or go for a 22" dual setup? :)

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As said above, the 4870 would be fine for that monitor. The hx620 is a great substitute for the hx520, and the 800MHz RAM should be fine. I'm sure those changes should keep you on budget, plus OS.

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