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Noise cancelling headphone suggestion

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Am looking to buy a set of Noise cancelling headphones. Want something that is both good for commuting (I spend a lot of time on buses & trains) and for use around the house (I do work/study in an open area). Models I've been looking at are: Audio Technica ATH-ANC7 & Sennheiser PXC350. My budget is around $300-400. Questions:


* Any other models people could suggest?

* Thoughts on above models? Am more interested in the noise cancelling/isolation rather then sound quality.

* Any stores around Canberra where I could try these on? I have a larger head so need to check they will fit properly.


Cheers :-)



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Late reply this is, yes.


The ANC7s come highly recommended. The sound quality is great and they're relatively portable. They do a very good job of canceling out regular noises, such as the hum of an aircraft/train/airconditioning unit, but they don't do anything about intermittent/irregular/brief noises, such as the baby crying next to you.


If you want complete isolation, you'd be better off looking at in-ear phones. I have a pair of Etymotic er-6i canalphones, which block everything, but they're much less comfortable.


Don't bother with the PXC350s. They're bulky, expensive and they don't compare with the ANC7s in terms of sound quality or cancellation.


If you want a balance between in-ear and cancellation, you could try the ANC3s (the semi-in-ear bastard sibling of the ANC7s).


For a good place to buy, check out http://www.headphones.com.au, they have a money back guarantee on non-in-ear phones.

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ive tried a pair of Sonys and both the Audio Technica ANC7 and ANC3s, the latter extensively.


Voightkampff, ive always wanted some Etymotics but i am not sure about them blocking everything. i mean, they would block the crying baby waay better than the ANC3s, but probably not the low drone of traffic noice, wouldnt you say?

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i have a pair of hd 201 sennheisers and they're great.

they block out noise well and have great sound quality.

but they only cost 50 bucks


so save yourself 300-350 and get a pair of $50 sennheisers

you could buy a kickass sound card with the leftover money.

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