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42" plasma screen has snow retention?

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hi guys/gals,


Been running our Sony 42" plasma for about a year (bought 2nd hand) and yesterday, after having no problems what so ever, its decided to throw us a curve ball.


hope someone here can shed some light into whats going on as its totally baffeling me.



anyway, ill describe what the problem is.


after watching a movie in the morning, turned the telli off and then later in the arvo turned it on and noticed a funny shading thing presistant in the background on the lighter colours.

this happens on all channels/all modes, widescreen and letterbox.


so i download a screen checker and its one of those ones where you can cycle through a totally green page, red page and black and white.


on every page xcept for the black, it shows snow retention, and its the worst on the white page. The white isnt white, but a multitudes of grey. there isnt realy a pattern, its all over the screen. and as said before, is most persistant in anything on screen that is white in colour.


anyone have any clue to whats happened as this is totally driving me crazy.


please help.



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