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Headphone/mic set to suit PSP

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hey, just looking at a bit of advice on a set of headphones with an inbuilt mic for use with my PSP (its a 2002 series fyi). i know you can buy the official headphone/mic set with the inline remote (and there are some generic sets as well for less), but i would like something a bit better quality (preferably canalphones) because i will also be using them for listening to music.


im currently looking at a pair of Sennhieser MM50 IP's, but they are meant for the iphone. so i was wondering if anyone knows whether they can be used with the PSP inline remote for use with skype??? they have the 4 pole 3.5mm stereo jack like the other sets i have seen that are designed for the PSP, im just not sure if the wiring is differant on these than the others.


if they wont, can anybody reccomend me a set that will work and are of good quality??


thanks in advance

your friendly neighbourhood spider-man

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