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5.1 Speakers, Dont care what price I only care what works good.

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Like I said Had enough of the shitty bass from Altec Lansing it just doesn't sound right and there aint enough of it I bought them based on price/value perception I had of them, but seriously I am ready to spend more to get some quality.


I have no Idea what the current crop of computer speakers from other MFG's is like and no andy place to go a listen to some , cairns is a 160k round trip and there aren't many speakers set up as demo's in the shops down there anyway.


Please suggest some model numbers of 5.1 computer speakers for me to look for reviews of, particularly if you have them or have heard them in action.


Just need some ideas which on ones to start looking at {:))

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I have the Klipsch Pro media 2.1 plugged into my TV and they are excellent, I will visit the Klipsh site and see what they are making now.


I have a new USB soundcard for my lappy http://au.creative.com/products/product.as...751&listby= and this afternoon had a play around with it, setting CMSS-3D to surround Expand and +15db bass boost plus not using the crystalliser have made it much improved and possible to listen to the speakers , though am still looking around to see what is out there {:)



Tone2b some folks reckon the Logitech z5500 have a hole in the midrange and the bass though big is a tad woolly , But I would not know myself, I have never heard them in action {:)

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