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Digital Distribution - Dealing in Denial

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Just checked my steam account and I have Half Life 2, Half Life 2: Ep1 and Tomb Raider: Legend that I can give away as 'gifts'. But yeah the basic infrastructure is there should they decide to do something with it down the track. Lets hope they do!

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i'm a psychiatrist, i know how people think.

I call bullshit.


Why? Two reasons.


Number one, psychiatrists, as part of their profession are people that keep a neutral opinion, and weigh each of their statements heavily before saying them, because they deal with a variety of people, and they don't know how that person might react to a callous comment. You sir, just blurt out your opinion as if you're on the toilet, keeping a steady flow of insults flying at people that support Steam, and raising people up on your shoulders that don't. You're biased. I get the feeling you're lonely, sad man(I'm taking a stab here, I don't know your gender, but since your name is ~Pedro, I'll assume you're male) or just a teenager who likes to abuse other people and ram his opinion down their throats.


Secondly, you have no disregard for the English language. You abuse capitialization, grammar and punctuation regularly, which doesn't help in your defence at all. In my opinion, it portrays you as a juvenile kid screaming "I HATE U FAG" just because someone doesn't agree with you, it's un-professional(Something you shouldn't be, if your claim is to be believed). There's a difference between debating a point, and yelling "NO YOU'RE WRONG". No, I'm not out to point this out because you hate Vista and Steam. I'm pointing this out because other people that don't like Steam have posted their opinions without stooping to;


i HATE vista and LOATHE steam!!!

come over and spew your rage. (there's NO censorship... too bad you can't handle the truth..)

And just saying people are plain wrong for not seeing things your way;


no he's NOT!!

and neither are you for simply accepting it..

Calling people stupid for not agreeing with you(Which you seem to do alot.)


good God, shows how much you know - or actually DON'T!!!

And rubbing the people that agree with you's backs.


oh, shit.. there are quite a few smarties on here...

preach on brother preach on....

I could fill my post with more examples, but they get a little redundant.




Grow up.


What's your email address? I might gift you a Steam game, just to watch your head explode.


ONTOPIC: I don't mind Steam. It was a godsend when I had gotten SiN Episodes: Emergence, signed up to Steam in 2006 and installed it, then promptly lost the disc. I came back to Steam 2 years later, and dredged up my account details from the nether reigns of cyberspace, it loaded and I was happily surprised seeing "SiN Episodes: Emergence - Not Installed" staring back at me. (SiN, isn't the best game, but it's handy having the game waiting for you to install if you lose the disc and/or hard drive with the data on it.)


EDIT: Making this a little more coherent.

Edited by phantomreaper

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When I first started hearing about Steam the first thing I was thinking about was control. DRM has been about controlling what we can do with a product we've paid for for so long, that all I could think was they were trying for a new method of DRM.


Then I used steam, and I realised they were doing more than trying to control their product. They were providing a service. Pedro~ reckons the ability to play a game on any pc is a bullshit reason, asking for any instance where this would be useful. In my house there is about 8 PCs. I have my laptop, my desktop, there's a media center and my partner's computer that I use regularly. The media center is connected to a projector, my partner's pc is in our bedroom where there's A/C, both reasons I have chosen to use them instead of my own computers. This is exactly why this feature appeals to me.


Ever played audiosurf? Imagine playing that with a seriously good stereo and large projector screen. It's fucking amazing fun. It's also fun to be able to play on my laptop at Uni in my breaks. With traditional software distribution, I'm limited to having it installed on one machine at a time.


There are some games I'd prefer to buy a box copy of though. Introversion games are on example (Uplink, Darwinia, Defcon, Multiwinia). I buy them directly from Introversion, because I like to have the box, the disc, the manual, and to support the game company directly. These games are available on Steam, but no one is forcing me to buy them from them directly.


Any distribution method has positives and negatives. When I buy a game, I buy it because I plan on keeping it for good. I still have my NES and games from my childhood. I've had some games that were shit but I'm not going to make much money selling them anyway. The ability to sell games I've bought is not something that appeals to me highly.


As for being locked out of your accounts, when you buy a game, even from a store, you don't buy the game itself, you buy the media it's on, and what's in the box, and a license to play it. If you break that license, you're effectively playing the game illegally whenever you play it anyway. Whether I agree with all terms they like to sneak into EULAs or not is not so important here. What is important is that when you buy a game off Steam, you agree to a license. If you break that license, they are definately within their rights to retract your access to the game. They could have been arseholes about it, but they largely haven't been. In return for keeping gamers a little more honest, they've offered an excellent service, heaps of deals and cheap weekends, showing loyalty to their customers. Contrary to what Pedro~ has said, I don't think it is illegal at all for Steam to retract an account. I'd certainly be pissed off if I lost my account, but unless it had nothing to do with me breaking the rules, in which case I would think Steam would have some sort of recourse, I'd suck it up and kick myself for being an idiot. (On that note, anyone got any legit stories of someone losing their account wrongly, and if they have/haven't gotten it back?)


The internet has become a lot more important in so many aspects of our life. As much as I hate buzzwords, the idea of Cloud computing and what is called Web 2.0 (blargh, I especially hate that one) are both models that are implemented by the Steam Platform, and it is hugely successful for them because it seems to have focussed on their customers, as opposed to DRM methods in retail boxed games, which have continuously made life harder for legit customers because the companies are trying to take out the pirates. The legit customers pay the price for the games companies starting a fight they can't win. Steam says "follow the rules and we'll be loyal to you".

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...it still needs some work, like the ability to choose which directory to install to would be great.

wtf ?? "some" work ????

how basic is choosing the destination one wants ???

99.999% of normal disc based non steam games let you do that. it's the most basic of install options. yet steam doesn't even do that... why ?? ..to control the end user and be able to protect itself. it's nothing but drm!!!!


You can and always have been able to when you install steam. Been a user on the same account since 2004.

steam also stimulates and supports game modding and indi game development they also act as a store for these people who cant afford to pay for physical distro or want to begin distributing free games.


also the internet does not scratch unlike CD's and dvd's unlike my copy of bf 1942... still have another copy + Vietnam in mint condition for when i install it again :D

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Steam says "follow the rules and we'll be loyal to you".

"And no wonder, since Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light.

It is not surprising, then, if his servants also masquerade as servants of righteousness

Their end will be what their actions deserve." -- 2 Corinthians 11:14

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dont mind steam, but last time i was capped, i remember it took me a freaking long while to get empire tw running. it kept on checking fr updates ><

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Whoa. This whole thread should be nominated for POTM. That is some good reading right there.


Now, my opinion on Steam is quite varying. I have Steam, but only one game installed on it, Portal, which I bought boxed. Why don't I but more games over Steam? My parents are the main reason.


They think that our 500mb, 256kb/s limit is perfectly reasonable. They don't game, download music, or movies. They just check emails and occasionally browse the internet. Secondly, they are worried that Steam is going to eat their credit card and steal their money. Hell, they don't trust PayPal, let alone Steam.


I can't help this, since I'm 15, don;t have a credit card, and only just got a job. I've recently convinced them to upgrade the internet, to a 10gb, 1500kb/s plan, which is still pretty slow, but at least it's better than what I have at the moment. I still have he problem of credit card mistrust, but I guess I'll just have to buy a boxed Orange Box, and tolerate my lack of other games for 3 years until I'm 18 and can get a credit card.


Steam is a perfectly fine service, but Australia's crap internet, and the eternal mistrust of the internet by people who haven't grown up with it, is the real problem.

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