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Portable Business Projectors

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My dad's buying a portable projector for his business (just to take with him for powerpoint presentations) and has been asking me for some recommendations. Up until now my knowledge of projectors has been about zero, so I was hoping somebody might have a bit of experience in this area.


He's looking at these four...


  • Viewsonic PJ 358
  • Infocus X17
  • Dell 1409X
  • Dell M209X

I've done some googleing and think the Dell M209X looks like the best buy. It seems to be the lightest, have a long lamp life, a good warranty and plenty of input options.


He's looking to spend around $1500.


Is there anything else I should be looking at? Any help would be great. :)

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Also have a look at the Epson 1710 Series of projectors.


Small Light Weight and fast warm up and cool down. One of the models even comes with a wireless module for use.


Dont know about price, but a very handy unit.



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