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Budget Gaming Computer

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Ok so i thought what i'd do is


Use the graphic card from you (8600gt) $postage price

Use the HDD from YOU and existing ones $postage price with above (roughly $15)

Buy a CPU from either here or my local computer dealer $35-$90

Buy 2GB 800 kingston RAM from MSY $33

Buy Foxconn N570SM2AA Motherboard from MSY $39

And my olds will buy PSU from local computer store $giving up owning my computer entirely

TOTAL: $122-$182

And then im set, everything is basically ready to go apart from CPU

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posting the stuff today, it wouldn't fit in a 3kg satchel so I got a box, in it is:


-the 4000+ still in the mobo socket to protect the pins

-the mobo and all cables, brackets, manual and drive cd

-the 8600gt with the DVI dongle, the ghost recon dvd but I couldn't find the white paper proctective thing it came in with the serial on it unless it doesn't need one? and the manuals and driver dvd is there to.

-the CPU heatsink and fan

-Sound blaster Audigy 2 sound card with driver cd

-The game Dead space, you should like it just play it late at night with all the lights off and the sound right up :D

-oh and the WD 320gb HDD that has 2 separate partitions on it so you will have to change that if you want just 1 big one.


I will tell you how much postage is later on (it will be about $12-14)

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