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Xbox 360 Network problems

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Hi Guys,


I've just set up my 360 in a different room of my house, and I can't get xbox live to work. It is plugged into a standard ethernet hub that is powered. I do all the tests and everything comes up fine until it gets to the xbox live connection - fail. All the network settings are unchanged, my dmz is set up and the nat is open. It comes up with the status codes of:


w 0000 - 000B

x 0000 - F001

y 30A8 - 4840

z 0000 - 0000



I have just recently added two more things to my network, a TIVO box and a PS3, but I checked the IP address's on both and they are not clashing with the Xbox. Could it be the hub???

I have a feeling I will have to move the xbox back to the other room and do a direct feed to the modem.


Any help would be hot, I need to play COD4 this weekend, or I'll scream!!!!! (just slightly addicted)

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Yeah, as stated, if its a Hub I would be wary.


Check the IP of the xbox and make sure it's on the right subnet and it complies to your nat & dmz rules.

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Yeah it's just an old hub I used to take to LAN's. Not a router at all. All the IP's, dmz settings etc are ok.


There are no uplink ports. I will bring a proper switch home from work and give that a try. Should I plug the modem into the uplink port on the switch,or the 360?




All good, looks like the switch has done the job, thanks for everyone's help!!

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