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Stereo channel imbalance with new system

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Hi guys, just setting up my new rig, and I'm having a problem with the sound.


At first I thought only the right channel on my headphones was working, but then noticed I'm getting a tiny bit of sound from the left. It's set up just as it was for my previous system; cable runs to a splitter where half goes to the buttkicker gamer amp, the other is the single cable for the headphones. The mic is plugged in and works fine.


The audio is plugged into the front/out jack on the rear, I get full volume on the right, but only a trickle on the left.


When I plug it into the front jack it works perfectly.


Any idea what could cause this and how to fix it? I'll get by with it plugged into the jack at the top, but I really want it tucked away behind it eventually...


Cheers, Dan.


Bah! I tried the only thing I hadn't, and switched off the function that automatically detects what's plugged in, and it's working now. Sorry to waste your time :)

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