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Widescreen Gaming

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For those affected there are a few tools around that can help us out:


Wide Screen Gaming Forum has a list of games and patches, ini tweaks or exe patcher's:



Wide Screen Gamer has a guide on how to set up your video card for wide screen gaming. It also goes into how to center the image on the screen, so that there is no stretching of the image(A well worth read IMO):



UniWS (Universal Widescreen Patcher) is used to patch games that go way beyond ini and registry hacks patching dlls and exe's:



Theres also a significant amount of information on wide screen gaming and patches here:



For those out there who dont know how Pillarbox there view heres how: (Pillar boxing is simply playing with blackbars around the edge of the screen)


On Nvidia drivers:

Using Classic View


* First select 'nView Display Settings' and click on the 'Device Settings' button. Deselect "Treat digital Display as HDTV"


* Next, select 'Screen Resolutions and Refresh Rates' and click on the 'Advanced Timing' button.


* You'll find the Flat Panel Scaling options in the third dropdown box, and can alter them as you wish.



Using Nvidia Control Panel


* Choose 'Display'


* Choose 'Manage Custom Timings' and then deselect "Treat as HDTV"


* Click the Up button to go back to the previous screen, and then select the "Change Flat Panel Scaling" option which should now appear.


* Make the changes you want.




For ATI Card Users see here:




Note: Added for the old school games which dont have Widescreen support.

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