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Rebuild HDD MBR and partition table?

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I will assume from the jaded links that this is where I post this



My flatmates got an external HDD with approx 650gb of data on it and after some diagnostics ive found all the data is still intact, it appears the MBR and petition table are corrupt.


I have software to extract the files but we dont have enough available storage to completely backup the whole drive.


Can some one point me in the right direction to rebuild the MBR?

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I'm not really too sure on this but you could try something along the lines of:


Attach External HDD

Boot Windows for Disk

Enter Recovery Console

Then run FDISK [external drive letter] /MBR


Try FIXMBR [external drive letter]


If this doesn't work try in Windows

Run "cmd"

Then CHKDSK [external drive letter]


If you need help with any of the command just type /? after them or type help


I also found this from here:

For use in conjunction with the Recovery Console



fixmbr device name

Use this command to repair the MBR of the boot partition. In the command syntax, device name is an optional device name that specifies the device that requires a new MBR. Use this command if a virus has damaged the MBR and Windows cannot start.


Warning This command can damage your partition tables if a virus is present or if a hardware problem exists. If you use this command, you may create inaccessible partitions. We recommend that you run antivirus software before you use this command.


You can obtain the device name from the output of the map command. If you do not specify a device name, the MBR of the boot device is repaired, for example:

fixmbr \device\harddisk2

If the fixmbr command detects an invalid or non-standard partition table signature, fixmbr command prompts you for permission before it rewrites the MBR. The fixmbr command is supported only on x86-based computers.

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All worked out, ran the FIXMBR in the recovery console, which didnt appear to do anything when i ran the map command it couldnt identify the HDD, ran chkdsk in recovery it froze on ~50% when i rebooted the HDD was fine, well appears to be fine.

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