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Help needed building a SFF system

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Hello all,


I am looking to change my ATX system to a small form factor system and I need a bit of help.


What I have already:

CPU: E8600 3.33ghz - stock fan

RAM: 2x2GB Corsair 800mhz DDR2

GFX: 2GB Sapphire 4870x2

HDD: WD 1tb

PSU: Corsair 620w


What I need:

CASE: Because of the 4870x2 my choice of case is limited but I have fallen in love with the SG02-F:



Q1) Will all my stuff fit in fine? I know the GFX will fit but what about the PSU?


MOBO: After hours of googleing I cannot find the one I am after...what i need is:

-A mATX that will fit into the SG02-F

-Fit my 4870x2 in the case with no issues

-I’m happy with my 4870x2 so I don’t need crossfire or anything

-At most I would be putting in one extra device such as a tuner card or a wireless card so only one slot needed.

-This is a gaming machine so i don’t want something cheap and nasty

-I don’t overclock so the mobo has to be more quality vs overclocking ability. (Has to run well @ stock)

-Because of the 4870x2 I don’t need integrated gfx of any kind if possible.

-At most I would put another 4gb in it so MAX 4 ram slots is needed.


CPU Heat Sink + Gel

-My CPU is on my ATX board so I will need to apply more gel correct? If so do you have to buy any special type? Could you link me up?

-The stock heat sink is pretty big so I would assume I need a new one? Can you recommend one? sound is not that much of a issue but efficiency will be as the case is small and the 4870x2 gives off a lot of heat.



My budget for the mobo is no more then $300 but i rather it be around $150-$200.


The store that I generally go to is www.cpl.net.au or www.MSY.com.au so if you could find the products you suggest there that would be great.


Thanks alot for you time.

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Webz link you posted on the case says that you can have two cards at lengths of 9.5" (~242mm) or one card up to 12" (305mm) ... you have the GPUs and I hope a measuring stick ... or am I missing the big picture? (Not sarcasm ... I usually do miss the big picture.)


Mobo is a tough one for me to pick ... couldn't find the LanParty socket 775 mobo for MSY or cpl.com.au ... but I found a Umart reference:

$198.00 - UMART - DFI LANPARTY-DK P45-T2RS (P45) Motherboard


Not gonna be much help on the cooling issues ... you may see what you have vs. what you need... Motherboards come with some goodies besides the main product ... it may include some gels and thermal paste ... if your current cooler fits then I guess you'll just need to grab some gunk from the store...?

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