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And What Are You Listening To?

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so presently i guess you can't get anything you want, despite the album

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On 8/16/2018 at 4:28 PM, Rybags said:

There's plenty of one-hit wonders from the mid 70s through mid 80s - and probably any other era you choose.

Add to the list Video Killed the Radio Star, My Sharona and numerous others.
And plenty of groups that had a hit or two followed by plenty of duds that just rode that early wave of success, e.g. Devo, Adam and the Ants.


late reply to this, because if you listen to anne dudley's album linked above, the last track is "video killed the radio star", a track that she composed, amongst a host of other really famous things, including the piano and synth on the excellent track "world famous" on malclm mclaren's great album "duck rock" (the one with "buffalo girls" and "soweto")


check out her beautiful version of the buggles hit single


she's also won an academy award for her score for "the full monty" - prodigious talent



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loving this track which samples Tanya Tagaq's weird ass brand of Inuit throat singing

NB: if theres a chance you will watch this movie, look away! 



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