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Windows XP Network Password Cache

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Hi there all,


I have a networked PC here at work which is trying to connect to a mapped network drive. It has been working fine for months until the administrator forced all domain PC's to change their user passwords. Now when they try and access the network resource it just says that they do not have permission to access this resource. It doesn't prompt them for new login details which I thought was strange. It appears that the password cache is stuffed up somehow.


Anyway, I have tried disconnecting and reconnecting the network drive, rebooting, accessing it via IP address, but none of it works. I have been able to connect from other PCs no worries. I have gone in the key manager (Start->Run->control keymgr.dll) and cleared all the passwords out and still nothing. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can fix this?


I should also describe the network setup (cause it is a little strange). All users login to a domain which is fine, but their is a separate workgroup on the same network which hosts the server we are trying to regain access to. So


USER logs in to DOMAIN and is trying to get back access to WORKGROUP\SERVERPC.

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