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360 download speeds atrocious

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Hi all, not sure if this should be in Console Gaming or Networking...I'll start it off here and see how we go.


Basically, I've had my Xbox for some time now, and all is good...except downloading stuff from XBLA :(


My PC is connected to a wireless ADSL modem/router- about 15 metres away. The connection isn't the strongest, but is usually sufficient for internet use (I get around 150ish kbps download speed; sometimes drops really low- like teens- but not usually).


I have my Xbox connected via Ethernet cable to this PC (a 'bridge'?). Signs into Live fine, says the connection is ok. BUT, any time I want to download a demo or anything of 'real' size, it is SOOO slow. Like, I normally just don't bother. I imagine playing over Live wouldn't work very well (if at all), but I don't have a strong desire to do that anyway, so that's not the issue. But I DO want to download stuff every now and then...


Anyone got any ideas? I have looked at the Xbox site a bit, but not coming up with much help, yet.


I would most appreciate any advice/points in the right direction. It should be noted (if its not immediately apparent!) that I don't have skills in this area :(





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