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New Speaker and Amp Setup

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Hey guys, by the end of the year I should be able to afford to spend about $1500 (hopefully a bit less) on a pair of nice bookshelf speakers and an amp. These will be running off the Auzentech Prelude in my computer, probably off the optical and will replace my Logitech Z2300's which are starting to annoy me :P

I haven't done much research in the way of bookshelf speakers and amps, but I am in the process of finishing off my $1500 upgrade to the speakers in my car so most knowledge will carry over.


As for the listening style, I listen to pretty much all music, but mostly rock and metal, I love midbass, don't like really bright tweeters making my ears bleed and want a really smooth relaxing sound.


Any direction that I should be looking in, or product recommendations would be great.


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Well for starters avoid those bloody Aluminium dome tweeters :)


At the moment you can get these nearly $400 less than normal, Orpheus Aurora 1's only $627, would be a good buy if you can grab them now.




That will leave you plenty for a good amp at the end of the year :D


Then maybe this amp http://www.todds.com.au/Products/Stereo/NA...ed%20Amplifier/

Or this one, It's a little cheaper but will work nicely too http://www.hifitrader.com.au/prod576.htm


running this DAC http://www.coemaudio.com.au/Sources/DACs/183/ before it, so the sound card just needs a good optical out (RCA preferred) as it will be bypassed in regards to the decoding.


The NAD amps are usually quite musical, and that DAC is noted for a very smooth detailed warm sound.


Oh, and remember that book shelf speakers (stand mount speakers) sound best on solid spiked stands rather than a book shelf or desk, actually the last place these type of speakers should be placed is on a book shelf ;)


The above combo of components should give you a really nice presentation, but call into a store and have a listen to those speakers and the NAD's if you can, some of the good hifi stores will carry both of them :D

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Thanks a lot Data for the suggestions, I avoid the hard dome tweeters like the plague and I do like the look of that DAC :P

Even though those speakers look amazing for the price, I can't spend money now, so I may have to pay full price.

I do realise that the speakers need a solid non-resonating base, but I doubt it will be easy to achieve, as the floor in my bedroom isn't a concrete slab but a wooden floor covered with lino (I'm upstairs and the extra story was an add-on).

So for that price range you think the funds should be split about:

-$600 for the amp

-$700 for the speakers

-$200 for miscellaneous

Sounds like a plan.

Do you know of any online shops/ shops in general that have decent prices so I can look at the going rate of equipment?

Or, do you know of any other websites (besides google :P) that will aid my research?

Thanks again

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As far as placement of the speakers go, you can use a large concrete paver on the wooden floor, that should give you a good base for the stands ;)


It's hard to set prices for each component as you don't want to have to make unneeded compromises, I would go for the C315BEE for $449.00 and put the extra cash into the speakers, $800 would get you very good stand mount speakers from Edward at Adelaide Speakers, if you are going to come from the sound card to the amp, you will then want the card to handle the decoding, so forget the optical for the moment and connect the Prelude to the amp via anolog, a cable with a 3.5 plug at one end and RCA connectors at the other will do the trick.


You can always add that DAC later on :)


For speaker cables on the cheap, grab some of that solid core lamp cable from the hardware, apparently works well, I stripped it from the outer casing for internal use on my speakers when we rebuilt the crossovers. Or you can try these DIY cables that some people swear by http://www.humblehomemadehifi.com/CAT6.html I would try the lamp cord myself.


A good web sites for reference is:



I would look at getting the best bang for buck especially where speakers are concerned, Adelaide Speakers make real good speakers for not much money, and he will custom tune them taking into consideration the gear that you are using with them and your listening habits, and will ask you about the room ect' so he can provide the best solution for you.


(Sold in kit form also)


It helps to think of the component chain as a journey that the music is taking.


Don't rule out the second hand market too, if you join stereonet, they have a trade section where you can pick up some good gear.

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