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Mythtv - What Have You Used It For?

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This is a general question. I think this is one of the better open source projects which seems to have so many different applications. My current uses are:


  • Media Player / PVR (whoa - way out there right?)
  • Frontend for a carputer

The carputer one is interesting because I am finding more and more ways of intergrating all my other carputer stuff into the mythtv world.


What are your best uses?

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I'm using knoppmythtv as a media server, 5.5 has come along way but I'm thinking of just using it as a backend and testing XBMC as a front end as it has such a nice GUI.


I just don't think there is a plugin for XBMC to do live tv (not that I watch much tv)


veering off track sorry


media server, pod cast downloader, steams, and atm trying to set up IPTV as a channel selection in the live TV mode.



lol I've just broken it as we speak; joy!

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