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HTC Touch Pro 2

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Hi there,


Has anyone got any information on the release date in Australia of this magnificent and sexy piece of mobile technology?


Any other information and discussion on the new HTC range of mobiles/smart phones is also welcome :)


Looking forward!

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Don't know just yet. I'd wager Telstra being the carrier to pick it up first.


I _do_ have a copy of Three's roadmap however, which I'll post once I've got it with me. All I can say is that the HTC XPERIA X2 [codename Vulcan for now] will be coming to Three later this year ;)

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Telstra? -_-


Xperia? Isn't that a Sony Ericsson model?


Has anyone heard much about Windows Mobile 6.5? Is anyone using 6.1? What is it like? Do you like it? haha Tell us what you think! - Sorry, enough questions, I'm one curious panda... =P

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Yes, Sony Ericsson :)


I am currently using a Windows Mobile 6.1 based Samsung Omnia.


I have an HTC Touch Cruise '08 running Windows Mobile 6.5 [a leaked beta release].


Windows Mobile 6.1 is very rudimentary if you look at it "from the box". It's powerful, but ugly and hard to get used to to begin with.


Manufacturers then customise it with interface enhancments. Samsungs are among the best in my opinion, and HTC's TouchFLO 3D interface is second to none.


Then you have things like PointUI and others that can be on any Windows Mobile phone.


Windows Mobile 6.5 takes the 6.1 base, adds finger-friendly guesture support at the Operating System level, makes a much MUCH nicer and usable start-menu, and a simple yet very usable [and pretty] Today screen interface.


Windows Mobile is a very powerful OS, but to get "enjoyment" out of it you better not be afraid of getting your hands dirty ;)


Windows Mobile 6.5 goes a long way to addressing the shortfalls of 6.1


Microsoft face an uphill battle against the iPhone, Android, WebOS and others: those platforms are very new [and so there is no real need for legacy support], and are installed on only a few devices: in the case of Palm and Apple, they benefit from the close integration of the OS and the hardware as the manufacturer produces and controls both.


Windows Mobile is a jack-of-all-trades OS, that also can suffer from the master-of-none problem. It is on hundreds of different phones from dozens of manufacturers, and has a huge legacy install base that Microsoft tries to keep happy.


Hence, Windows Mobile 6.5 was born.


It's not perfect. But it's better. And it will do until Windows Mobile 7 hits next year. A lot of people [Jeff Kirvin for example] seem to take the standpoint of "platform for life", where if you don't choose Windows Mobile TODAY, it will be dead TOMORROW.


This is the wrong attitude.


I'm the first to say that I'm tempted by the Palm Pre, and I'm probably going to make the switch. Does that mean I won't go back to Windows Mobile 7 if it's good enough next year? Of course not!


I must apologise for this rant, it probably raises more questions than it answers ;)

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