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Windows 7 losing drives

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Yeah, so its that time of the month apparently.


My file server does random HDD stuff and now my desktop too.


If I put ANY load on my D drive (say, defraggler), windows 7 loses both that drive and my ReadyBoost flash drive from My Computer.


Its no longer in device manager either, nor does the controller in the device manager recognise a drive attached.

NORMALLY id worry my drive was failing, but considering it happens simultaneously to my flash drive 90% of the time too, im not. Its also a fairly new drive which has recently passed tests.


Event viewer isnt pretty either:


as an estimate:


DISK Event: 15

The device, \Device\Harddisk0\DR0, is not ready for access yet.



Error: ID 11


The driver detected a controller error on \Device\Ide\IdePort7.


1X VSS error

ID 6016

Express Writer error: failed while adding express writers from directory System.



and VDS basic provider:

Error code: 1

The Virtual Disk service entered the stopped state.

Unexpected failure. Error code: D@01010004


There are sporadic error logs in there too: "your registry is still in use, a force unmount was successful" when i shutdown, a couple of mentions of the other drives but they're VERY rare, and a cople of mentions of the Volume Shadow Copy Service being denied access to its own root directory. and a couple of "failed to flush drive cache" or something like that, i was stupid and cleared the logs this morning so I could see through the 1000 or so errors.



About the only thing I can think to try is dropping the SATA drives back to IDE mode rather than AHCI and seeing if the issue goes away.


*cry* why cant things work for me.

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no, the HDD passes tests as long as im not in windows.


and yeahp, success.


Dropping the HDDs to IDE mode from AHCI in the BIOS has fixed the problem.


I used to able to force the 'drop' if i ran an analyse in defraggler, ive been able to do it 10 times now no error. i'll clear my event log again and see if anything comes up.


EDIT: looks like you're right.


Now that its in IDE mode, various tools seem to be able to do their job much better, and yep, there are a FUCKLOAD of bad blocks (or so HDTune says) as such, i'll test with Samsung Drive Tools, and if it says the same, this PC will not be used untill I get a drive to copy all my shit over to.


I guess im lucky I noticed eh?

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how is it not? if i didnt notice the bad sectors could have continued and lead to corrupted data. I dont wanna lose my data.

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