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1-wire ADSL?

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One day my sync went from 12MBps/1024Kbps ADSL2+ to (64 to ~700)Kbps/384Kbps GDMT, and the attenuation figure went up significantly.


This morning a tech came out, and started at the MDF under our units. Right away he found that one of the wires in my pair had "come off" the pole that goes to my socket. He re-wound that wire and now everything's hunky dory.


So apparently I was getting ADSL through a single wire! Unreliable and slow, but it synced and would stay synced for hours at a time.


What's the nitty gritty of why it didn't drop out completely?

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I had this happen once, too, though in my case it was a wall socket that'd been caught and pulled away, snapping one of the wires by an over-eager labrador doing laps of my hallway.


I found it rather interesting that my ADSL kept working while my phone was delightfully dead. I don't really know how DSL manages to work on just a single wire, but it does, and from memory, I still got my full 1.5mbit/s, too.


Bad puppy.

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