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A laptop for my Mum...

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In case anyone is interested, I went with Dell. Just made the purchase of a Studio 17. Notable specs include:

C2D P8600@2.4GHz, 4GB RAM, ATI Mobility 3650, 2x320GB HDDs, Dell Care Premium, free Belkin backpack, $100 off, 10% discount. End price, $1,968.64. Dammit, now my old duck has a better machine than I do! :P


Cheers everyone!

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Even excluding that, Dell have better on-site coverage.

Which you'll need if you purchase a Dell product


A Dell product like the Inspiron one of my colleagues has, which has had 4 onsites this year due to the mainboard.


Your sample size is huge. Completely conclusive. I'm convinced.


What I don't understand is how Dell is still in business. Covering laptops under warranty that break all the time sounds expensive.

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