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VB script request

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I have an Excel spreadsheet where I want the data from each row to be exported into a folder\file called C:\%USER_NAME%\filename.cfg where username is a folder with a unique username


For example, this is the data in the rows. All I want is each row to be extracted and put inside a separate txt file and then be renamed to filename.cfg.


Row1 - #;s=mobile.gateway;p=5001;c=0;u=user1;a=6z6;#

Row2 - #;s=mobile.gateway;p=5001;c=0;u=user2;a=2T9;#

Etc etc


Is this possible?

I assume it would only be a few lines worth of code?

Is VB even the right way to do this?


I suck at teh programming, I just know what I need as the end result, not sure how to get there though.

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