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Wireless webcams

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A friend of mine wnated to set up a wireless webcam in his nursery/baby's room to monitor the child when sleeping. He will have PC in his kitchen/living area and hook into it whilst the baby sleeps on the 2nd floor.


I told him that using a wireless webcam might work, but subsequently the only decent one I can find is about 400+ bucks from logitech.


Does anyone know if there are manufacturers who make wireless webcams (because I cant seem to find any) or if this will even work?

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not too shamely long ago, I worked at Cash Converters, and I came across what you where looking for. this lady sold it to cashie after the baby grew up. from what I can tell, this isnt a known brand that I have heard/read about. but if ya looking for something little less expansive, shamefully, walk into your local cashie and see. I have seen alot of damn cool and cheap stuff there. The thing is with cashie they really have no freaken idea about how to price stuff. That said, they sometimes do price stuff too much, but if ya know your general stuff, you might be able to spot a bargin


I brought a Snap-on screw drive set for like $20, WTF??? snap-on gears, are like the over kill price and quality of tools. $20 is a bargin.

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