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Dreamspark Update

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Carying on from: http://archive.atomicmpc.com.au/forums.asp...eamspark&u=


You can now sign up for Dreamspark with your Uni log in details as opposed to getting the ISC card or what not.




Which is what kept me from taking advantage of Dreamspark until now lol.


What you can get with Dreamspark:

o Windows Server 2003 Standard

o Visual Studio 2008 Professional

o Expression Studio

o Visual Studio 2005 Professional

o SQL Server 2005 Developer

o XNA Game Studio 2.0

o A 12-month Academic membership in the XNA Creators Club


All of these are perpetual licenses, single use.

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I'm not a uni student =/


Having said that, I already have a full 12 month XNA license, XNA 2.0, VS 2005 and windows server 2003.

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CQU... but only 'til (hopefuly) the end of next semester (so circa mid February). MS are apparently adding new countries and institutions daily, so I might scrape in... though TBH I'm not all that worried about it (I guess if I was I could just grab one of those international student cards (whatever they're called) and get it that way).

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