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I need help finding rings like these please.

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Hi, I am trying to find somewhere that sells these rings in Australia.




I found a place in the US and by the time you buy them add shipping

and do a currency conversion they end up really expensive.


If anyone finds them here please let me know, i'm desperate.


Thanks, Luke.

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Ah, blank bezel cup rings :-)


Aussie Sapphire have some fancy-pants blank rings, although it doesn't look quite like what you're looking for, and they're a bit exxy.


Beads on Kelly Street have some funky looking ones like this, or this or this.


Though I usually just make my own, so I'm not much help off the top of my head. I can check my usual suppliers in a bit if these sites don't look like they help you out much


edit: spelling


edit: actually, before I go pointing at stores, I should find out what your requirements are, shouldn't I? I'm an idiot :-)

What are you looking to do with them (ie, pour resin, attach cabs/pre-supplied inserts)? And as pappes said, what material do you need them to be made out of?


one more edit: Feeling Inspired have a small selection of ring components, although not quite bezel cups unfortunately.

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Why don't you ask elvenwhore for a quote ?

They're pretty reasonable pics, easy to see the design.


To me ,they don't look like the average cast, are they silver ?

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You should be looking for a place that does jewellery findings. Try places in sydney like "House of jewellery", and A&E metals.

Or failing that learn to make your own, they will ultimaly look far better than a mass produced cast setting.

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