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Just curious if anyone knows of a free Software deployment solution?


We have HP CA here and it seems to be a bit crap, I am hoping the RC of the new microsoft solution might prove itsself worthy of a purchase on release, but m interested to know if anyone has found something?

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Ok it has come to my attention that the weatherzone windows gadget is no longer available for download (except for a very early version I found) those who like me still have it installed can continue to use it. But I somehow neglected to keep a copy of the program, otherwise I would have it for sharing.


However the good news is that Boating Camping And Fishing have an almost identical gadget for free download, lets hope weatherzone does not pull support for this incarnation of their fantastic weather gadget.

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For maintenance and virus/malware/spyware etc i'd recommend the following

(for best results run these in safemode)


Combofix - System error/virus removal program

Revo - pretty much a bigger version of microsoft's "add remove programs" it lists pretty much everything, including unwanted virus' and some malware.

CCleaner both cc cleaner and regcure service system errors, and registry conjestion. pretty much just cleaning them



All of which i use regularly to service clients/customers/my personal/families machines and NEVER has it failed.

With the use of all these your system should be a bit faster, have no virus' and save you from formatting your machine.


EDIT: Run checkdisk first, to atleast see if your hard drive is running ok. If you don't even know how to run checkdisk, or have to google it. DONT do anything in the above list, leave it to the professionals as you could damage your system very easily.

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