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3DS Max - Attaching end vertex of rotating spline to an object?

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I am in the middle of a major project at college and are a little stuck, I was hoping someone on here might have the solution to my problem :)


I am creating a model of our solar system and decided I will do the animation from each planet by creating a spline as a path constraint for the camera from each planet to a centre spot above the sun in which all planets will have their own spline meeting there also.

This is so when I have finished the entire project and the interactive presentation is set up, someone can click any planet and you can go from the last planet you were viewing, fly towards the centre, and then branch off to the planet you selected.

Anyway, now you have an idea of what I am trying to achieve.


The problem I face is that, when the planets are in orbital animation, ie, revolving around the sun, I need to be able to start the camera animation from the planet as it is revolving, ok?

To do this, I need to somehow connect the end vertice of the spline to the Sphere of the planet so wherever the planet rotates too, the end point of the spline will also rotate with it.


Let me know if you don't understand and I will try and summarise a little better. Any help appreciated :D



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I think this is how it should work.

Attach the spline to the planet as a child. Set the pivot point as being at it's base (the sun)

That should mean that as the planet moves around, it moves the spline and which pivots around the center of the stage.


Not 100% sure tbh, I've never done any interactive stuff in Max itself.

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