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Looking For CSS/PHP/SQL person for full time work

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We're looking to hire some one with strong css, php, and sql. A decent handle on Flash CS3 is somewhat important as well but not necessarily a deal breaker. Our office is near Broadway in Ultimo, Sydney.


If anyone wants to take a shot at it, send me a PM.


We have awesome clients and projects, and the atmosphere/culture here is tops :)


NB - no can do for new graduates on this one (sorry)...Gotta have a bit of stuff under the belt.


(ps I hope this is not against forum rules? if so I will wipe it immediately. I know there are some skilled web devs here so I thought it might be nice to throw the offer around)



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This looks suspiciously more suitable in the Programming forum.

I think you'd find anyone who does CSS will hang out in thie one, no need to get your knickers in a not =P

edit: Oh, it'a already been moved. Never mind -_-

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