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[#103] Ground Zero question? @ Rutter

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I've been reading through issue 103 and was really interested by Dan Rutter's thought piece in the Ground Zero - Hardware section on episodic gaming.


I, too, admit I'd love for this kind of gaming to exist in non-MMOs; things like Dan mentioned, for example: daily type quests that let you know of things going on in the world and you may respond to them if you wish.


Does anyone know of mods for games that have something like this? Say in Oblivion or other RPGs, maybe X3 Terran Conflict?


I guess if someone was to make a mod they would make it have a selection of x 'mission' varieties that had certain random parameters, and that each day one of those x varieties would be chosen at random. Obviously after a while, having done all of them numerous times they would become a bit stale, but that would give the mod writers time to write more of them.


WoW uses the daily quest system in a way. For example, the cooking quests in TBC had a random quest chosen for the daily each day from a predetermined number of dailies. Of course, the WoW ones didnt have any random elements within them, so once you'd done them once, they'd always be the same whenever they popped up again.


Anyway, nice thought provoking piece, Dan. I am also hopeful that we can get this kind of gaming one day. Anyone know of anything like this that currently exists?

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