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windows 7 4890 artifact problems

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funny though.. i can still play GTAiv with everything HIGH....


i guess i'll play tonight as much as i can 1st....

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I'm at work but i ducked out to see the shop where i bought it from.

The guy was real cool about it when i said i was having problems with trying to get it to work with the video drivers. He offered a swap before i could ask for it. He said maybe it was windows 7 but yeh he was cool with swapping for a new one and i was out of the shop in 5 minutes.

So props to Megaware.com.au for being cool about it and i'll try it out later tonight.

Gotta take my girlfriend to the movie's first before she starts loosing it at me for spending my entire weekend on her new rival...my rig....

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hey guys,

sweet, installed then new card... had a bit of scare when i didnt seat it correctly and it triple beeped (also i notice fan spins max speed when not seated properly as opposed to quiet running on boot)


installed cat 9.7 rebooted to a beautiful clear screen then ran furmark for a bit and it's smooth sailing now.

i'll run furmark for longs in a little while but looks like im in the clear


thanks for reading and following me on my frustrating journey.

"it's been emotional."

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