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Vista + Monitor Issue

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Hey all


So following on from a previous post, i have a machine that is having issues. I boot up and it loads fine up untill after the loading bar. the monitor then turns off with "no signal". If i unplug the monitor, and plug it back in it works but the gfx settings are screwed. If i boot into safe mode, it works fine.


Now, i read online aboue the DVI cable being a problem, I swapped it out for a VGA (with a DVI adaptor as the card only has DVI connection) and... BAM!!! it works without a hitch.


I am about to try a new cable and monitor (same brand + model) but is there any reason that this could be happening?





p.s. Love the new site atomic...

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Might be that you're using a DVI-I cable when you should be using a DVI-D cable?


Otherwise I'm stumped.


Also, on your cable, does it have all the pins or just half of them?

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We need computer specifications before we can help you.

Yes, this would be good. Also you say the settings are screwed, but in what way?


Is the screen an odd colour?

Do you mean it resets the resolution?

Does it only come up in 256 colour?


Help us to help you.


What card are you running?

What drivers are you running?

What monitor do you have?

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It's a bloody common problem dude, I had the same problem too. I got to the point of reformatting, which that didn't even work. I installed new hardware, still doesn't work. Well, it turns out, my DVI port I think is completely farked now too from pulling it out too many times just to test it... :(

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