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Windows Live Messenger.

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ok back on topic. and to summarise.


I use pidgin. It rocks for: file transfer, IM and also is a lot more informative (does alot MSN LIVE doesnt, eg. tells you if you're on someones MSN list, logs name changes and its autologon is a lot smoother after hibernate), although no, it cant voice call or video call yet (actually, now its 2.6.1 i think it can VOICE...).


On the flip side, MSN is probably one of the most notably BAD at those 2 things. my voice and video call friends are all using skype for obvious reasons. I use the SKype API for pidgin to control skype (you still need both, it just adds controlls) and it becomes all in one.


IMO it comes down to having 'features you NEED' vs others you dont, and if you NEED video and audio, its pretty logical to assume you'd be using a tool (like skype or netmeeting) which does this important task to the best of its ability.



As for 'needing to upgrade from MSN to LIVE' yeah that did happen, but only if you DIDNT run in 'windows 2000 compatibility mode' on VISTA, XP or Win7, you can use MSN 6+ (up to anything before live) as long as its run in compatibility mode, it'll still logon without 'needing to upgrade'.


And once again, the logon issues were an upgrade thing, pidgin patched their client within an hour or 2 to get around it, microsoft kinda stuggled on how to get the new certificates etc. out there, but assuming MSN works again now, found a way.


EDIT: and as for popularity, as ive just visited and seen the ads, kiosks, and talked to people, MSN seems to have the higest market share in Aus, Japan, and all of Europe. Yahoo exists commonly in europe but its a lot smaller it seems, and in the USA, despite AIM being the 'big one' basically everyone in the US is running skype so soon AIM wont come into it.

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