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1TB drive - failed Partion Magic format, now won't format under Windows?

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Ponder if anyone can advise a simple solution. I tried partitioning a new Samsung 1TB SATA drive with Partition Magic 7.0, it failed formatting right at the very end (with error code #702). Read the manual - and it says to partition and format the beast under Control Panel -> Admin Services -> Computer Management -> Disk Management.


I tried this option but after 4 hours of formatting it just says Format failed.


So I suppose PM 7.0 has bypassed Windows drivers and confused the drive configuration.


Checking online this drive is fully supportive of all Windows XP variants, there are no driver or firmware updates.


So my question - is there a way to recover from this (simply and freely) or is it RMA the drive.


Many thanks!

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Trying the first link's estool - (of course two weeks ago threw out several hundred floppy disks - took aages to find one so I could make a bootable DOS disk).


So I removed the MBR, reset it ( as it defaulted and formatted to 131071 MB) so I set it back to the correct size - 953869 MB .


Note when I booted Windows XP with the drive at this size - worryingly - Disk Management couldn't even see the drive - let alone partition or format it - is that normal?


I take it the process should just be wipe MBR, reset it to correct size and then do a low level format (which takes around 4 hours), then go into Windows (and hope to hell the drive is visible)?


Anything else I need to do?

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Every time I try and run the low level format - with the MBR size corrected - it gets about 12% thru then says operation script cancelled by user? Bugger!


Any other ideas?

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I think Partition Magic has a 300GB limit.


I'd make a DOS boot disk and use fdisk to delete whatever there is on there, make a small partition, format it and then plug it into an XP machine and use the tools in that.

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I'd be looking to RMA.

In my opinion, this much trouble to get a drive formatted will lead to problems rearing their ugly heads down the track sooner than later. Really not worth it.

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Yeppers - after who knows how many hours doing large re-formats - that invariably fail - was a return (with no dramas) and replace.


Get the new drive home - mounts correctly but format fails twice (note it was on a silicon Magic PCI -> 4 port SATA 1 convertor. So I switch it to my PC which has oodles of SATA 2 connectors. New saga begins :)


1. Install a new device Samsung HDD (Under Windows XP 64bit) Control Panel -> Admin Services -> Disk Management.

2. Create a new volume and primary partition

3. Format fails after 3-4 hours


Re-boot to WinXP 32 bit and do steps 1 -> 3 again - format works first go and I tranfer file to new drive successfully


Re-boot to WinXP 64 bit


1. Drive is visible to Disk Manager as a full 935GB NTFS disk - but it has no letter assigned, - try assigning it as the T: drive - BSOD!!!

2. Same again but this time Disk Manager just fails when I try and give it a free letter (at least no BSOD)

3. Load up Partition Magic 7 and assign it the T: drive - operation succeeds but T: drive doesn't appear on Windows Explorer

4. Disk Manager now shows no overall stats of any of my drives in the top window

5. Re-boot to WinXP 64 bit - T drive still not there

6. Run System restore to 4 days ago

7. On re-boot installs new device driver for HDD and re-boots again

8. Drive appears as I: drive and is fine under Windows Explorer, but once again Disk Manager now shows no stats in the summary window for any of these drives


So I am left with a function drive - but a worry WinXP 64bit on my main PCs Disk Management utility is slightly corrupt or crazy - Event Services shows a failure:


Unexpected failure. Error code: 1@01010018


For more information, see Help and Support Center at http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/events.asp.

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