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A quick noob PS3 question

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Bit of catchin up to do there Hec... I just hit 705 titles (67 of which are Blu-ray) with 'Pinocchio' on Blu-ray. Granted that includes TV shows, documentaries, music DVDs etc... actually 706 soon, just ordered 'Mushroomhead: Vol 2' off DVD Pacific (always damn good prices, for things we often can't get locally).


Well at least if you get the PS3 and come up this way again (or I come down that way) you can borrow some :-)

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Yeah....I've been holding off on buying many more because of the shift over to BD.


That and I've not got much space left to put them!


*shakes fist at stupid packaging of M*A*S*H first releases taking up 33 discs*

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