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Wireless Printing

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I have an existing Samsung Colour Multifunction Laser CLX-6210FX that I use on the home office network. Brilliant machine and for the price $450 I ended up paying after the cashback a phenomenal deal. A new new location sees it in an area without access to the network and I was wondering if there is a way to wirelessly hook it up to the wireless router I have, either via any adapter on the 10/100 port or the USB port



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Avoid the USB it will give you grief. I think what you need is a wireless bridge, or wireless router in client bridge mode (not all routers support this).

A wireless bridge behaves like a wireless computer or other device as far as your existing router goes and just hooks up to it as a client.

So printer >ethernet cable>wireless bridge device> wireless network> existing router.

Or you could use an Ethernet over Power device to plug the printer in to your mains power, then another EOP device at a power point near the router or a convenient switch.

So printer >ethernet cable> EOP > mains wiring >EOP > ethernet cable > Router.

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