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Atomic Photo-a-Week XXIV

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Week 24 of our weekly event.


These fine folk posted in previous weeks:


- Antraman

- Athiril

- Caelum

- CokeMan

- eat_the_flag

- Genisis X

- h3viw8 *

- hectorbustnuts

- Hoonbernator

- index680i

- Mac Dude

- Malkieri

- mecon2 *

- michael.jenkin *

- motiv *

- Oomph

- orinjuse

- Red_Knight

- seehund

- simpletest/MandoTiM

- SquallStrife

- stadl

- stash

- Takoma *

- The Tick

- thesorehead

- TinBane

- unclebigdave

- .:Cyb3rGlitch:.

- _sentinel


* = This week's submission posted!


New posters this week:


The idea is to get us to get out there and take photos, so nothing from your archive.

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so i had a big day up at noosa with my sisters husbands parents and my mum, we did the national park walk, i got as far as granite beach/cove, and gave up, it was like way hot, and i was out of water.


but i got some cool shots, i was going to break the rules, and post them all, but there's like 40 images, i will post a few choice shits and a gallery link.


Posted Image


Posted Image




just ignore the pics of the guy.


i can post high res if anyone wants them.

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Didn't get much this week. But im working on this.


Posted Image



Edited by motiv

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